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Meeting someone offline can feel like a lost art

The fact that we have to distinguish how we're meeting someone nowdays signifies how ubiquitous dating apps and websites have become.


  • BBQ
  • Comedy Show
  • Concert
  • Dinner Dance
  • Harbor Cruise Lunch and Dinner
  • 3 Day Mexico Cruise
  • Relationship Workshop
  • Magic Show
  • Dinner Detective
  • Live Plays
  • Go Cart
  • Private Fair
  • Whale Watching
  • Balboa Park Tour
  • San Diego Zoo Safari
  • Aquatica Tour
  • La Jolla Electric Bike Tour
  • Balloon Ride
  • Botanic Garden Tour

The Best Advice for meeting someone in Real Life, according to Experts

Finally Luv | Heterosexual | Meet Real People, Face to Face, Up Close and Personal at Our Weekly Scheduled Events.

Dr. Ashley Arn, is lead matchmaker for E-Harmony providing premium matchmaking services. She's worked with thousands of people over the last decade and is responsible for countless successful couples.

She explains that online dating isn't for everyone : even a short break can be a great way for you to force yourself into connecting with people in a different way, and even figure out if you want to continue down the online/app path at all.

Thomas Edwards ... founder of "The Professional Wingman".. says people will become more aware of themselves and other people around them when they start dating offline.

"They see their strengths and weakness when it comes to socializing in various environments." He says, "they realize what their comfort zones are and where they should push themselves."

Most valuable is how they appreciate the spontaneity and complexity on how relationships are formed, which leads to a greater appreciation when connection happens.

Chris Armstrong, Realationship Coach...

Agrees like we do, people should go outside the box of online dating. Our three month in advance calendar of events and activities Finally Luv has created, will do just that...it's what we call Finally Luv's "corting" calendar with a 21st century flair.

Stef Safran, Matchmaker and Dating Expert....

It's great to repeatedly meet people and do something that's not focused on being in a bar - dinner only.

Annie Mayo, Elite Matchmaker @ It's just lunch.... in Denver...

Says to break out of your routine and take every oppotunity to put yourself in new situations.

April Masini, Relationship Expert....

You will be surprise at how many new people you meet without Tinder or Match. It's also using a different "dating muscle" besides the internet. When you turn off your apps and rely on your personal charm, you may see better results.

Rosalind Sedacca, CLC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor.....

"Dare yourself to show up... you get new and different results, meet new people, and break through barriers you didnt know exsisted.

Sarah Patt, a Matchmaker......

Saying yes can open the door to the relationship your looking for... put your phone away... create opportunities.

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