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Rico Cox

One of our mottos.... Finally Luv is more than hips, lips and fingertips.

During the last 20 years my career and expertise has been in management in the banking and hotel industries. As a man who was married for 22 years, I suddenly found myself in a quandary after my divorce.

Eventually however, I contemplated the notion of the dating scence. I quickly discovered many obstacles in my way. Like most, my choices for dating were between well meaning friends, to nite clubs, and way too many dating apps and websites. These options did not appeal to me; I'm not a club person and online dating to me seems so technical and cold. Waiting for a computerized "wink" and doing any swipping to me feels like shopping cart mentality: it's not my cup of tea. Then it happen...

I experienced an epiphany, if you will. My vision to revolutionize the way we think and feel about dating. Which is why for the past 8 years I had been developing and refinding Finally Luv.

One of the main core principle with Finally Luv are: All whose looking for love should have a safe environment, regardless of age and sexual perference. All members should be able to mingle freely from pressure associated with meeting an online stranger for the first time. Finally Luv's experience will be a relax atomosphere that's more like a gathering of friends rather than among strangers. With our 21st century cutting edge flair and our deversified communities to customize you can see that we welcome all who are single to come and experience Finally Luv.

I look forward to having you discover the " corting " way of dating with our 21st century cutting edge flair.

As the President of this dynamic company, I will endeavor to represent Finally Luv with intergrity and compassion. I believe in keeping open communication which as we all know is vital. Most of all there would be respect for all.

Rico Cox


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  • ♡ Don't ever think about dating until you are ready to stop the insanity of internet dating; it's time to discover the 21st century of meeting people the Finally Luv way.

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  • ♡ No more shopping cart mentality dating and ending up with nothing substantial.

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  • ♡ Our mission will be to honor integrity.
  • ♡ Respect the privacy of our members.
  • ♡ Never indulge in nonsensical online dating and match making.

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  • ♡ Get off the roller coaster of online dating.
  • ♡ The old fashioned way is back with a 21st century flare.

why choose us

We are the Kryptonite to online dating and matchmaking

Put that phone away and turn off your dating sites and apps. Here at Finally Luv no phones are needed. Because dating and the courting process as it is today is a lost art.

  • The only NO you will hear is:
  • No Online
  • No Profiles
  • No Swiping
  • No Match Making

It's time to break down barriers you didn't know exist

Experience and enjoy our 21st century flair of three months always made in advance full of events and activities. Distinguish new dating. It doesn't have to be a strange concept.

  • Create new opportunities:
  • Dare yourselves to new adventure
  • show up
  • see different results from the process

Remember at Finally Luv the three NO's you you will hear are

  • No online
  • No profiles
  • No swiping
  • No match making